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Rowena Aitken
Rowena AitkenPublished Children's Book Illustrator & Cat Servant
Coffee fuelled children’s book illustrator.

It was January 1984 and Scotland was ravaged by 30 foot snow drifts (or so her Dad says). This was when Rowena decided to appear into the world at silly am and a love for snow carries on with her to this day. Somewhere along the way Rowena watched lots of cartoons, hoarded flora and fauna (from the insect kingdom) without bias in many receptacles such as jam jars, cupboards and a hollow orange plastic slide.
Years pass and Rowena constantly drew going through paper, pens and pencils with reckless abandon. Through this time she was fuelled by coffee – yes, Rowena often drank from her faither’s mug of coffee even before she could talk. No lasting side effects have been noted *ahem*; Her mother will probably disagree.

Rowena was known for two things*: having big hair and being AWESOME at drawing.
Fast forward art college studying animation, few wee jobs, ten years freelance illustration and you are HERE where Rowena is talking in the third person and feeling very odd about the whole process.

Rowena loves cats, coffee, children’s books, being daft, drawing, her dude, coffee, rambling, twitter, cats, coffee, repeating herself and writing tutorials for artists keen to learn digital arting of all ages. Rowena has worked on two children’s books; Ruan The Little Red Squirrel (2016) and The Kilted Coo (2017) and at the time of writing is 2/3 of the way through illustrating book number 3 TOP SECRET NO I CAN’T TELL YOU WHAT IT’S CALLED by Elisa Peacock due in 2019.

Rowena would love to work on a sea/ocean based project but anything with lots of animals would be great too!

*there were other things (wit, charm, fantastic good looks, modesty and elegance of an elephant on an ice rink) but they’re not relevant to the story so go along with me here.

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PixelStudio Cat
Pixel is the studio cat who brings the longpig toy mice, steals warms from her lap & goes crazy when her big lugs hears tuna being opened.

Acquired in January of 2010 Pixel E Aitken has become a welcome addition to Team Ro with her antics, friendly nature, comical activities and mood that can change on a sixpence.

Pixel enjoys tuna, mad half hours, catnip and cardboard boxes. She is not looking for representation at this time.

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Rowena Aitken | Children’s Book Illustrator

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Email: rowena@rowenaaitken.com  | Twitter: https://twitter.com/rowenaaitken | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rowenaaitkenillustration/