Winter Scene Line Art

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Project Description

Create a Winter Scene in Adobe Photoshop: The Line Art

In this tutorial you will learn how to create some fun line art as a basis for a cute winter illustration.

I’ll be collaborating with Melody Nieves. I’ll be creating the line art and Melody will be rendering the scene in Adobe Photoshop.

The brief for our winter-inspired piece is:

“Create a culturally neutral winter scene that shows how warm and cool light sources play off snow. Include three white-coated animals to show how the different light plays off them.”

…Any illustration should start off with some planning, and that usually involves working out what your artwork brief requires.

Reasons to thumbnail include:

  • ensuring your client or collaborator are thinking the same thing about the brief
  • to quickly decide on a composition
  • to decide on light sources
  • as a starting point for your client or collaborator to chip in ideas
  • to make sure all the elements work together in a composition
  • to brainstorm ideas, viewpoints and perspective
  • to see if your piece works better in a horizontal or vertical layout

So without further ado I will show you my thumbnailing process!..

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