Project Description

Rowena Aitken Illustration Jason Moore Flabberwocky Book Jacket Illustration

“Every town has a weirdo. Some ungainly foul smelling soul you cross the street to avoid. But only Notchwood has a Flabberwocky. Dismissed by many as just a giant blob of flesh glued to a mobility scooter, the truth is much more sinister.

Her real name is Amelia Floyd and when she’s not terrorising teenagers, she’s scraping the remains of dead animals from the street for her supper. When she shows up at their Grandad’s funeral, Lawrence and Molly are both confused and horrified. Little do they know it’s the beginning of a mysterious adventure that will change their lives forever….” [Read More]

The artwork she created for me far surpassed anything I could have imagined. She is very easy to work with, she’s normal, down to earth and friendly. She exudes enthusiasm which is quite infectious, and the constant flow of ‘work in progress’ attachments was quite thrilling. She also took charge of some of the technical aspects of what I needed, even liaising with the printer on my behalf. The bottom line though, and the most important thing, is she is incredibly talented, the quality of her work matches anything I’ve ever seen on a bookshelf.

Jason Moore, Author