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How to Create a Haggis Infographic in Adobe Photoshop

As Burns Night draws in, I feel that the world needs to be educated about the rare and quite delicious creature that is the Haggis (Haggis Haggis in Latin)…

Here’s a little history about the Haggis.

“Elusive and intelligent, this ground-dwelling marsupial has never been successfully bred in captivity. They lay eggs in burrows in the mountains once every three years, and occasionally if the females are unable to find a mate it has been known for them to try and hatch golf balls on the fairways. The Haggis is sized somewhere between a domesticated cat and a guinea pig.

There are two varieties of Haggis: Lefties and Righties. This refers to the Haggis’s legs, which are shorter on one side than the other. This is of great benefit when navigating round hills, as it keeps their body upright (Haggis are very susceptible to motion sickness). Lefties navigate hills anti-clockwise, while Righties navigate clockwise. Although it’s theoretically possible for Lefties and Righties to interbreed, it is physically impossible due to the leg situation. This is another reason why domestication of the haggis has proved incredibly difficult.

Haggis Haggis shares a common ancestor with the modern day Platypus Ornithorhynchus anatinus.

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