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Project Description

How to Design a Children's Book: Cover and Internal Pages

Hello and welcome to my tutorial on how I went about making my first published children’s book, Ruan the Little Red Squirrel“>Ruan The Little Red Squirrel by Rachel McGaw.

This tutorial will cover the creation of the cover and a double-page spread using Adobe InDesign CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. This will be more of a theory of creating a book and working with a publisher or author than a painting tutorial.

This tutorial documents what happened when I was commissioned to create Ruan The Little Red Squirrel. Each job is different, but most have similar processes—this tutorial documents my experience, and yours may vary…

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Rowena is a valued part of the Tuts+ Design & Illustration instructors team. She’s able to confidently and professionally provide content on specific themes and occasions for our millions of readers. She hits deadlines and is always available to answer any questions our readers may have. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an illustrator and educational author.

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