The Kilted Coo

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Project Description

The Kilted Coo | Forth Books

Rowena Aitken Illustration The Kilted Coo Front Cover

‘This is Drew. He’s a great big coo. All he does each day is moo and chew. It might seem funny to me and you, but moo and chew is what coos do.’

The Kilted Coo is the second children’s book from Rowena Aitken & Rachel McGaw.

Key age range: 3-6 years.

Author: Rachel McGaw

Publisher: Forth Books

ISBN-13: 978-1909266094

Published: 7th August 2017

Rowena is an absolute pleasure to work with. On both projects we have worked together on, she was able to bring my words and ideas to life through her illustration. Rowena brought depth, humour and charm to every page with her creative input. I would highly recommend her.