“Rowena was a wonderful designer to hire for my logo project. She was professional, timely and creative. She managed to take the rough ideas in my head and translate them into an elegant design that is perfect for my purposes. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again for my graphic design needs.”
January 17, 2014
Colin F. Barnes

“I had never used an illustrator before, but loved some of Rowena’s work on this site. When I contacted her, little did I know I was making such a perfect choice. The artwork she created for me far surpassed anything I could have imagined. Firstly she is very easy to work with, she’s normal, down to earth and friendly. She seems never to get frustrated, being new to illustration I was constantly making changes, but she took everything in her stride and always responded very positively to my ideas. She exudes enthusiasm which is quite infectious, and the constant flow of ‘work in progress’ attachments was quite thrilling. She also took charge of some of the technical aspects of what I needed, even liasing with the printer on my behalf. Actually i’m a little sad the project has now ended. The bottom line though, and the most important thing, is she is incredibly talented, the quality of her work matches anything i’ve ever seen on a bookshelf. The way she can invoke a choice of atmospheres with a few slight changes is amazing. As the project progressed I felt she knew what I wanted better than I did, and the completed pieces are just stunning. It is like she managed to crawl into my brain and see what I was imagining. If anyone is in two minds as to whether Rowena would be suitable for their project, I would urge them to just contact her, you’re making the perfect choice.”
January 8, 2014
Jason Moore For “Flabberwocky Book Jacket“. 
Flabberwocky Website - http://flabberwocky.com/

“I contacted Rowena with an idea for a project prior to Christmas 2012. Having agreed upon a basic idea Rowena made herself available throughout the process to discuss the work. Subsequently the commission changed many times during the process and all the while Rowena was happy to make changes (even radical ones), send me ideas and offer ideas on how best to make the piece work. Even when the work was completed Rowena was happy to make additional changes and I was provided with an amazing finished piece that my partner loves. A hugely talented but more importantly professional and personable artist. Thank you!”
January 23, 2013
Nicholas Edwards For “The Raven“.

“Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done…The committee were all thrilled by the final draft (of our new logo) – it is so much more than we had envisaged.”
November 2, 2012
Buntingford Community Choir – Original Logohttp://www.buntingfordchoir.co.uk/
Buntingford Community Choir – New Logohttp://rowenaaitken.com/buntingford-community-choir-logo/

“Rowena has been a blast to work with. Her technique and experience in the fantasy genre speaks for itself. I asked her to do the cover and four interiors in the fourth volume of my Hardway Series, Across the Spires. I am very happy with her work and her professional attitude. She met my deadline with no problems. I highly recommend Rowena for the artwork in your upcoming project.”
September 25, 2012
Drake Russellhttp://hardwaybooks.com/

“I discovered Rowena by pure chance, and a google search. My manuscript was nearing completion and I wanted to add a professional looking book cover to make my submissions to publishers stand out from the crowd. From day one, she was exceeding my expectations and pressing for details of the artwork that I hadn’t even thought up. My hope was simple, have a book cover drawn up that makes my manuscript look nice. What I was handed by the end of this collaboration, was a quality piece that is just as good as the collector’s edition DVD set of The Lord of the Rings. Not only would I recommend Rowena, but I intend to make it part of any contract negotiation that she be the artist for any major publishing.”
August 20, 2012
Alex Gaddy The Elsbeck Chronicles – Wicked Roots

“I highly recommend Rowena. She is an incredibly talented professional illustrator and it is an absolute honour to work with her. I am an extremely happy client and have commissioned her for several The Light Direction character portrait illustrations with exceptional results. Often recommending her to my network, I shall also be commissioning her again very soon. Very Talented and a joy to work with. When you discover Rowena, you have found THE BEST!”
March 30, 2012
Ces Loftus, Creative Director & Author http://www.the-light-direction.co.uk/

“I would like to thank you so much for helping me get these pictures into a reality, couldn’t have asked for more. Both pictures are gorgeous, just keep staring at them, noticing new details all the time. My friends jaws will drop the floor tomorrow when the session starts. Will save this one for special surprise when the fighting starts in the session. My DM also complimented your talents and said if he was going to start as a regular player in a steady campaign he would want unique character art like this for his character as well. You are really talented and if I need more pictures later I know who to turn to, thank you again. Truly happy and pleased.”
December 2, 2011
Eric Johansson

“Rowena is a rare find among artists. She not only has the creative talent and steady hand to create beautiful illustrations, but she understands the realities of publishing deadlines and that this is a business. Having worked with over 80 artists during my tenure in the publishing industry, I would easily rank her in my top 5 of all time in both ability and responsiveness. Only 2 other artists score so high in both categories.”
Bill Webb

“I hired Rowena to produce five pieces of art for my project Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein. By the end, I added a sixth illustration. Rowena was great to deal with, stayed in touch during the process, provided sketches and even tweaked ‘finished’ art. Her work was of a consistently high quality, and was delivered on deadline with no exceptions – even on a tight deadline. She took direction well, and was not in the least afraid to ask when something I’d requested didn’t make complete sense first time around. Her own suggestions were well received and showed a full understanding of the project. Would use again!”
January 6, 2011
Iain Lowsonhttp://www.darkharvest-legacyoffrankenstein.com/

“Very communicative and determined to get the work right, which is valuable when producing art to hire, ensuring that all sides work together well and the end result is what is required. Friendly and hard working, a joy to work with.”
April 27, 2011
James (Grim) Desboroughhttp://www.postmortemstudios.wordpress.com/

“An absolute pleasure to work with, gave good feedback when needed and is top of my list for my next project”
June 1, 2011
Chris Kentleahttp://uk.linkedin.com/pub/chris-kentlea/33/211/ba5